Legislative Update: Be Ready to Act

Throughout the 2018 General Assembly, the voice of the Camo Coalition has played a significant part in promoting the importance of our natural resource and outdoor heritage to our elected officials. But it isn't over yet. BE READY. During these last few weeks of the...

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Land Conservation Measure Unanimously Passes Key Committee

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 22, 2018 CONTACT: Joselyn Baker, Reposted from the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act website. The Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act, which would dedicate annual funding to land conservation projects across the...

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The Need for R3

With a nationwide general decline in hunting participation since the 1980s, the leaders in the conservation community have come together, recognized the gravity of the situation, and made a serious shift in the way they are tackling the issue.  A national plan was...

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Mill Creek Nature Center: My Second Home

By John Deitsch, MCNC Volunteer I first encountered Mill Creek Nature Center over six years ago on April 2, 2011. That visit was so engaging and captivating that I have since returned over two hundred times. Every visit is unique in some way. I enjoy volunteering at...

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Yellow River Water Trail: A GWC Partner Organization

In recent years we have been attending Georgia Water Coalition meetings and connecting with water advocates from around the state.  We formed our non-profit in 2014 (under the excellent guidance of Georgia River Network) and created our motto of "Enjoy, Share and...

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GWC: A Formidable Voice for Georgia’s Water

By Gina Rogers, Director of Operations, Georgia Water Coalition The Georgia Water Coalition was formed in 2002 in response to an initiative to privatize water in Georgia.  The Georgia Wildlife Federation was a founding member along with Southern Environmental Law...

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