Thursday, October 19, 2017

You Can Help

 If you see or learn of a violation, 
try to write down:

  1. a description of the violator
  2. a description of their vehicle
  3. the location of the violation
  4. and the type of violation.

Call 1-800-241-4113 or *DNR (AT&T Mobility Customers)

E-mail the Ranger Hotline

 Contact Your Local DNR Ranger

Give to GWF in support of conservation programs like the Ranger Hotline.

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Ranger Hotline Program

Ranger Hotline is an initiative of the Georgia Natural Resource Foundation (GNRF) and DNR Law Enforcement Division, whose mission is to protect wildlife by increasing public support for wildlife law enforcement.

Effective July 1, 2014 the “Turn In Poachers” program transitioned to the “Ranger Hotline” program. The principles and purpose of the program will remain the same by continuing to encourage sportsmen to report poachers and violators of our state’s game laws, however it will be expanded to include a broader range of rewards to support all of DNR. The Ranger Hotline program will be operated by the Georgia Natural Resource Foundation with the DNR Commissioner serving as Chairman of an advisory committee comprised of GNRF Board Members and other organizations committed to this cause.

The Georgia Wildlife Federation has served on the Turn in Poachers Board continuously since its origination in 1987
.   The GWF has contributed over half of all the funds received by TIP throughout its history. Working with other Ranger Hotline Advisors, GWF continues to raise money and raise awareness of the need for strong prosecution of the violation of wildlife laws.  DNR Law Enforcement fills a critical need and is an effective tool for professional wildlife management.

Law Enforcement defends the public trust. A poacher is a thief who steals wildlife that belongs to you and all other Georgians.  Poachers rob you of recreational opportunities that you pay for through hunting and fishing license fees.  You can be paid for turning in a poacher!  If your information leads to an arrest, arrangements will be made for you to receive reward money even if you wish to remain anonymous.


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