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The Georgia Wildlife Federation has had an exclusive affiliate relationship with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) since its founding in 1936. The NWF state and territorial affiliates are autonomous organizations whose primary purpose is the conservation, wise use and restoration of wildlife and other natural resources and the protection of human health and the environment. Affiliates operate at the grassroots level by working to educate, encourage and facilitate the conservation efforts of their distinct bases of members and supporters. Affiliation is a voluntary relationship between the state organization and NWF, and there is only one NWF affiliate per state. The NWF nationwide network of 47 affiliates is also responsible for electing key members of the NWF leadership and setting NWF conservation policy priorities through an annual resolution process.


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November 19, 2011

GWF Welcomes Southeastern Affiliates

The Georgia Wildlife Federation hosted the National Wildlife Federation's meeting of the Southeastern Affiliates last week at the Alcovy Conservation Center. The bi-annual meeting brings together leaders from state affiliates in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The GWF has been the state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation since its inception in 1936.

"These meetings are a great opportunity to trade ideas," said GWF President Jerry McCollum. "They make it clear that our problems are not unique and that all affiliates have some common problems and it gives us a chance to work together to find solutions."

The three-day workshop allowed representatives from each affiliate organization to talk at length about their programming successes and challenges. Staff from the National Wildlife Federation were also on hand throughout the meeting to discuss national programming in the Southeast.

One of the important benefits of the state affiliate programs is that it, by default, sets up a non-competitve relationship between affiliates. Ideas flowed freely between the different groups. Many of the states' most long-standing and successful programs have their origin in these meetings and the collaboration they inspire.

Thanks to all of the participants. The GWF was happy to facilitate this meeting of the minds and looks forward to the many more years of conservation collaboration.

This year's participants included: Javier Biaggi (SOPI), Jenny Brock (NWF Board; FL), Mike Butler (TWF), Harley Carpenter (SCWF), Dan Chu (NWF), Amadou Diop (NWF), Glenn Dowling (NWF), Manley Fuller (FWF), Tim Gothard (AWF), Crystal Grant (NWF), John Grant (NWF Board; GA), Sara Green (SCWF), Christopher Guadian (NWF), John Hammond (NWF), Dave Hargett (NWF Board; SC), Diane Hines (FWF), Na'Taki Osborne Jelks (NWF), Julie Lalo (NWF), Brian Lucy (NWF), Kendall McCarter (TWF), Jerry McCollum (GWF), Jaclyn McDougal (NWF), Greg Miller (VICS), Steve Murchie (NWF), Bryan Pritchett (NWF), Sara Hummel Rajca (SCWF) Cathy Shropshire (MWF), Tommy Shropshire (MWF), Terry Tatum (GWF), Ron Warnken (NWF).

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